On a sunny autumn morning, below the dappled light in the courtyard of The Vibe Bar
in London's east end, preparations were underway for a one day extravaganza of graffiti,
b-boying, dj'ing, mc'ing and the likes.

With stax of sponsors and therefore many prizes to be won, large numbers of cool kidz
were making there way to Brick Lane to enjoy free entry and cheap beer at the most off
its head party in town ,"Rare Find".

A live graffiti competition in the courtyard saw six bad boy paint punx compete to win a
Playstation 2.

All the writers knew each other, some of them didn't even realize it was a comp! Happy
to get free paint and a chilled space to work , with the added bonus of free Sol and a
Jamaican bbq!!

It was supa chilled and the atmosphere was one of an "in your back yard" kinda feel.
The graff comp was really tough to judge, in the end the ps2 went to Etch, who had turned
up looking well confused and had some catching up to do! Styler!

While all this was going on outside during the hours of daylight, the bar was steadily
filling. MC's hosted by mr. Lex of Mark b and Blade fame, battled toe to toe for a
variety of spot prizes, including goodies from, Spy (eyewear), Drop (record bagz), Mooks
and gallaz. Big ups go out to Limmy and Los.

B-boys made use of the floor to lay down their skillz and pick up a few random prizes.
In fact, anyone who went near the dex picked up a prize whether it was a gallaz beach ball
or an un released ps2 game , curtesy of Thq. Who, as if there wasn't enough to keep people
entertained, supplied free giant screen gaming and ps2 pods!

Afternoon turned into evening , tequila came out and the djs turned it up. Melting hip-hop
and b-boy tunes into all variety of breaks and drum and bass, there was no play times or
battle times, it was just a random free for all and that's what fuelled the energy and humor
a proper Sunday rinse out needs. Infra-Red manning the dex, and celebrating the success of
"Rare Find".

Infra-Red manning the dex, and celebrating the success of "Rare Find" The Vibe bar ran out of
beer after having had its "busiest Sunday ever"! She has been asked back to organize a monthly

After the huge popularity of Third Decade's graffiti mayhem in the courtyard,
Infra-red and Busk are joining forces for the biggest Christmas mash up in
the east end. Y'get me!

A big thankyou goes out to dj's, Ace, (Petty krooks), Lu-P (dropping phat sounds), Matt Nice
(Grand Chevalle), SupaMarl (ghetto fab).